How to check Banglalink Number?


Banglalink is a Mobile Operator in Bangladesh. Sometimes we forget our own mobile phone numbers. If you're a Banglalink user in Bangladesh, there are a few super-easy ways to retrieve your number without any hassle. Here's the breakdown:

Method 1: Using USSD Codes

  • Open your phone's dialer.
  • Type in the code *511# and press the call button.
  • You'll receive an SMS shortly with your Banglalink number.

Method 2: Check Your SIM Pack

  • If you still have the original SIM card packaging, your Banglalink number is usually printed on it.

Method 3: Call a Friend

  • Simply call another phone, and your number will appear on their screen.

Method 4: Contact Banglalink Customer Service

  • If none of the above methods work, you can call Banglalink customer service for assistance. Their helpline number should be readily available on their website.


Once you find your Banglalink number, make sure to save it somewhere accessible—your phone's contact list is a great place to store it. Remember the *511# code for quick future reference.